How To Find The Right Nursing Home For You

Moving into a nursing home is nothing to look forward to. However, when you can’t cope with regular day to day activities anymore or when your life is endangered by your forgetfulness or dementia, a nursing home might be the best possible option.

Choosing the right nursing home for you is extremely important, as your happiness and quality of life depend on this choice. Your ultimate goals are to have a happy and secure life, with all the comfort you’ve been used to and with the care and attention of professional and friendly staff. Checkout these advice from st. Mary’s nursing home in KL.

nursing home dinner time

The most important thing when searching for a nursing home is to ask all possible questions before signing up for any of them. Don’t be afraid to ask about everything you wish to know. You have to take a decision with long-term implications, so all details matter, regardless how small they may seem at a glance. This article has the purpose of offering you a checklist to use in your research.


Nursing home playing gamesYou need to check the credentials of the staff and the licensing of all facilities on your shortlist. This is a very important step, especially for individuals suffering from dementia, as they need to make sure the staff can handle their case and give them the needed assistance.

The Resident’s Bill Of Rights

You need to know all details of your future life before signing up for it. Even the content and structure of your meals is very important. The Bill of Rights is a statement that gives you the security of a comfortable life and a tool to defend yourself if needed.

Safety And Accessibility

nursing home facilitiesThe ideal nursing home should be absolutely safe for its residents. You need to check on that before joining any facility in order to make sure you are going to be able to use the toilets even if you are going to be stuck in a wheelchair. Check out the bathrooms as well, in order to see whether they have handle rails and other safety devices.

Overall Look And Feel

Choosing a nursing home is very similar to buying a home. You need to have a positive feeling about it, otherwise things aren’t going to work. The facility should look neat and clean, the staff should appear friendly and the residents should have the air of a community. For instance a facility where the staff doesn’t know the residents by their names should trigger some questions in your mind regarding the community spirit that rules there.

Recreation Facilities

Life in a nursing home shouldn’t be just the last step before going six feet under. It should have a strong recreational component, as well as various opportunities of interaction with other residents and with the outside world. You need to check on the recreational programs of various nursing homes before choosing yours.

There are many other things to check before making a decision. Health care possibilities, assisted living and the distance from your family are only a few of them. You need to consider all these criteria and allow yourself enough time for making a decision if you want to get it right.

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